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Interesting Facts about Bees - because why not?

Physics Girl

I think I was stung by a bee yesterday. But I didn’t see it. It must have been the Phantom of the Hymenoptera.
— Andy

First, let us remind ourselves what a bee is. This is a bee.  


  • Bees warm up before flight by shivering. They also take breaks from flying to shiver. It's like they're planning in time for nervous shakes.

  • Bees cool down by regurgitating honey sac contents which evaporate and cool off the bee.  

  • Bees have an ovipositor which is typically a tube through which a female ejects eggs. It's like a female penis. But in bees, it's modified for defensive purpose - like a penis turned samurai sword. This "stinger" most likely evolved to allow hymenopteran (bees, wasps, and the like) predators to pierce prey, poison it, and lay eggs without the prey fighting back. Yikes.

  • I freaking love bees! They're so interesting. they have nothing to do with physics, but they're so cool I couldn't help myself